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Love spelled with hands - Unity in Frederick

New to Unity

Today more and more of us are realizing that spirituality is an important, yet often missing piece in our lives. Many folks are not finding the kind of spiritual community and practical teachings they're looking for in traditional churches. Unity is different!

We are a community that supports spirit, mind and body.  We promote the Unity way of life as we teach spiritual principles and, through daily application, empower each other to find our own practical spirituality.

We serve as a spiritual catalyst for change that can be a powerful experience in our individual lives, our spiritual community and our world.

Unity in Frederick supports healing and wholeness through classes, services and activities that involve study, prayer, meditation and healing energy work.

Our spiritual community provides a safe environment that is accepting, nonjudgmental and loving. In this community, we learn self-acceptance and self-empowerment.  We open to a deeper understanding of prosperity and abundance in all areas of life: health, relationships, finances, and time.

At Unity, we explore practical ways to find serenity and peace that are centered in the Divine Consciousness that we call God.  From this center, we are empowered to demonstrate and achieve our innate potential regardless of outer life situations or circumstances.

Unity is rooted in Christianity, with a more progressive and metaphysical approach than traditional Christian theology. To use a phrase shared by  Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell of The Unity Center in San Diego, Unity in Frederick likes to consider itself a place for "Christians With Questions". If you've not found what you’re looking for in traditional churches and organized religion yet haven't given up on your faith, God or your spiritual growth, we believe you'll feel right at home with us at Unity in Frederick.

We are excited that you've found our website and we invite you to join us in person at any and all of the wonderful activities taking place in our Unity community.