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Calm sea at sunset - Unity in Frederick

Board of Trustees

Primary Responsibility
To govern Unity in Frederick and, with the minister, set policy, establish a budget, keep accurate records, overlook financial and other assets, approve expenses, and maintain the building and materials necessary for the long term operation of Unity in Frederick.

The Board toasting to moving forward with ease and grace!

Can You
  1. Attend monthly Board meetings?
  2. Research and prepare for Board and committee assignments?
  3. Participate in Unity in Frederick activities?
  4. Attend Unity in Frederick Sunday Services regularly?
  5. Develop and nurture a prosperity consciousness that allows active financial support of Unity in Frederick?
  6. Be visible and available to the congregation at large, at services, classes and activities?
  7. Maintain loving, open communication with other Board, staff and committee workers?
  8. Be open and receptive to serve as an officer of the Board?
  9. Listen attentively to suggestions and concerns expressed by congregants?

If so, you could be on the Board!


Board members are elected by the congregation at the annual membership meeting.  The following qualifications are necessary:

  1. Must be an active, participating member of Unity in Frederick.
  2. Desires to serve as one of 6 members on the Board.
  3. Is sincere in the continuing study of Unity Principles, endeavoring to live in accordance with Unity teaching.
  4. Has demonstrated leadership capabilities.
  5. Has the ability and will take the time to prayerfully fulfill the commitment.
  6. Will uphold the spiritual purpose of Unity in Frederick.
  7. Will uphold the highest interest of the membership in conducting the business of Unity in Frederick.
  8. Is faithful in attendance of services, classes, activities, Board and annual membership meetings.
Why is this team important to our church?

The Board of Trustees maintains the focus on the mission and vision of Unity in Frederick. Good leadership is the key to a viable outworking of the Unity message.

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

Board membership is a privilege and a responsibility and will evoke leadership qualities, patience and compassion.