Weddings at Unity in Frederick are personal, special and hassle free. Anyone, regardless of ethnicity, sexual preference or religious/spiritual background, may have a service or reception at Unity in Frederick. We offer traditional ceremonies, family services, Holy Union ceremonies or re-statement of vows.

Personalized Ceremonies - We offer a wide range of ceremony styles from multi-cultural services to stand up services in the Sanctuary. There are no requirements to have your wedding in our facility. You may choose to use your own minister or ours. Couples can write their own services or vows, use a standardized service or our minister will help you design a service that fits your specific needs. We do not have set times for our services or rehearsals which mean you can reserve any time slot that is available on our calendar. You can also bring your own minister if you choose to do so. Our guidelines are for the safety of you and your guests or to protect our facility.  Please request a copy of our Facility Agreement for specific guidelines and fees.

Guest Accommodations - We can accommodate ceremonies with up to 120 guests in our sanctuary.

Photography & Florist - You may use a photographer and florist of your choice and we can offer you suggestions.

Vocalists / Musicians - There are no music restrictions. We can help you identify pianists and other musicians if you do not have someone in mind. Our sound system also is available for your needs with prior instruction for proper use.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704