Prayer Chaplains Update: Sept - Oct

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:24pm -- Toni


Because there is only Oneness, we cannot be separate from the Divine within each of us and we are surrounded by evidence of the Truth of that divine spark within all matter on the planet every day. We can see our connection to Divine Order and Wisdom in nature and the changing of the seasons.  We can see Divine Love, not only in our own loved ones, but also in every person we meet every day. We can also practice the Presence through daily focus on the Gifts of the Spirit. What are the Gifts of the Spirit and how can we attune to them daily?

Paul describes the Gift of Love in First Corinthians, chapter 13, and all of the other Gifts proceed from this unconditional Love. Observe in your own life when you are aware of the Love of God for you through acts of love in your own life as well as your loving care of others.  Look at the eyes of children gazing at parents; look at those you love peering back at you with the eyes of love; look at the adoring gaze of your favorite fur person or the inquisitive stare of your favorite feather or fin person. Love abounds throughout the universe.

From Love comes the Gift of Joy, which is not just an emotion, but an attribute of the Divine Spirit that indwells all.  While you may still experience sadness or depression at times in your life, your awareness of God’s Strength and Power within can sustain you through whatever difficulty you face. The intense blue of a clear sky, the wind blowing softly around you, the multitude of stars on a clear dark night, the sound of birdsong—these may all be ways to experience the joy of being alive every day.

The Gift of Peace comes from establishing a daily dialogue with God through prayer and meditation and then trusting that everything is in Divine Order and Timing. It is when we go into the Silence and let go of the day to day concerns and responsibilities that we can experience “the Peace of God that passes understanding.”

The Gift of Patience has its foundation in Faith that everything works toward God/Good. Practice patience in traffic or waiting in a checkout line.  Observe the difference a shift in attitude can make when you let go and let God.

The bumper sticker about random acts of Kindness is a true Gift, both for the giver and the receiver.  “Be Kind to one another.” Kindness is Goodness in action. We say that God is Goodness, which we can also activate when we focus on the good in our lives. Practice gratitude for the Goodness you experience each day and express your good through kindness to others and yourself,

The Gift of Faithfulness requires commitment to the Truth of Oneness and the denial of separation. Use denials and affirmations to manifest your Good.  “Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.” (Heb. II.1) You manifest that which you affirm through Love and Faith.

Gentleness implies forgiveness of self and others and the restoration of Divine Harmony. Be gentle with yourself and those you meet.  A smile can do wonders: smile even when you do not feel it and see what happens for you.  Smile at others you meet and change their day too.

Self-Control is a Gift that cannot be forced, but comes through aligning with the Divine. You practice self-control when you choose to practice the Gifts daily. Take time during the transition from summer to autumn to spend time in nature, to spend time with friends and family, to see Oneness in the diversity of life experiences and people you come into contact with. 


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