Prayer Chaplain Update July, 2013

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 5:16pm -- Terri

Even Prayer Chaplains Need Prayer Chaplains
Hi Unity friends.
I have recently been reminded of vulnerability and its value in connecting and growing spiritually. I have had some challenges lately concerning family issues that have sent me into a state of confusion, overload and breaking, it seems. I find clarity in either journaling and/or talking things out. The “ah ha’s” seem to come forth. I grew up with a stoic mother who translated crying into “weakness”. As we know in the Unity community, this is a letting go, a cleansing, learning lessons, having an “ah, ha.”
I am so thankful to have four prayer chaplains that I can go to or call for sup-port and even one at service on Sunday right at my finger tips. This past Sun-day it was Carole Kirby. She is our most seasoned Prayer Chaplain. For the last several weeks, I have not been myself while feeling uneasiness gradually bubbling up inside me. I decided that I needed a prayer. I did not know where I was going with this request except that I felt all the above: confusion, uneasiness, overwhelmed, and more. Well, my Prayer Chaplain provided a confidential and safe, loving place for me to let go and let God. I felt so much better after that and after going into sincere, heart-felt, God-centered prayer. Having some-one to share and listen unconditionally made all the difference.
Our family challenges continue, but my God within keeps giving me ideas, hope and some clarity that keeps me centered in God. As I relate this to the 4 Unity principles… I am co-creating with God and doing my best to live my truth every day; knowing the divinity within myself and others and staying connected and centered by practicing prayer, meditation, affirmations and denials. Thank you God.
Love and light, Debbie Scott Prayer Chaplain Coordinator

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