Music Ministry May 2013 Update

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 3:21pm -- Terri

Musically Inspired by Nature ... I love the commercial where a gentleman sits at his piano trying to find those last few notes to his musical composition. He struggles. When he is ready to give up, he looks out his window, and there on telephone wires sits five birds, one on each of the five wires. The musician sees more than the birds on the wires. He sees a musical staff with five notes. He plays on the piano what he sees, and alas, his composition is complete!

Step outside your door this time of year and you will see and hear nature’s symphony. Be inspired by the music that surrounds you!

Save the Dates - May 5 - Unity Singers perform, May 12 - Special Music (Mother’s Day),  June 2 - Unity Singers perform,  June 9 - Music by Dr. M. Hari Haran,

Unity Singers Schedule - May 19 - Practice at 12:30pm, May 26 - Practice at 12:30pm

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