Music Appreciation - Ministry Update - July/August 2014

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:31pm -- Toni

Music is a powerful tool. Yes, tool. Tool may sound a bit cold and unfeeling to describe music. However, if you took a few minutes to think about all the ways you “use” music in your life, you will find just how powerful a tool music is.

Music is always there. A flip of a switch, a push of a button, a touch of a piano key, and a strum of a string, music is there. Because music, and its uses, is such a part of our daily life, we may take it for granted.  I ask you this summer to take a few moments here and there and appreciate music. Ponder what channels were taken for you to enjoy, be emotionally touched or inspired when listening to this music? How many hours were dedicated to the creation and presentation of this tune you listen to, now. The songwriter, the pianist, the guitarist, the band members, the vocalist, all musicians; all played an important role in getting the music to you. Even the producers, record label, and
other musical institutions  are a part of the behind the scenes crew that bring this tool that inspires, touches and moves you beyond yourself.

So, enjoy your music this summer. And take a few minutes and appreciate all that was put into the song you now listen to, may it inspire, bring fun, joy and happiness to you.)

Always looking for people to share their musical talent at Sunday’s Celebration Services. Please drop a line to Patty Progecene ( if you are interested!


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