Healing Ministry Update - September/October 2013

Tue, 09/03/2013 - 10:39pm -- Toni

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Healing, Wholeness, and Unconditional Love
The Healing Ministry of Unity strives to bring healing to the community of Frederick and surrounding areas. The “How?” is through the Healing Circle on the first Wednesdays at 7:30, the Healing Service on the third Wednesdays at 7:30, and during Unity’s SpiritFest in the spring and fall and Frederick’s “In the Street” in the fall. The “What?” is in the understanding of how healing, wholeness and unconditional love are defined and intertwine. The word “healing” generates different images for different individuals and situations. Is it body, mind or spirit that needs to be restored, to be free from ailments and confusion, to be reconciled or purified? People most frequently request healing for physical ailments and emotional issues. These are legitimate uncomfortable issues that can interfere with our day to day living on all levels and need to be addressed. The Healing Ministry offers healing modalities to help with those issues. The confusion comes into play when we have forgotten what Myrtle Filmore reminds us in her book of healing letters. “In Spirit and Truth we are now and always every whit whole. By getting false thought out of the way, and keeping the image and likeness of wholeness ever before our mind’s eye, and trying to feel that we are healed, health becomes irresistible and it is bound to manifest.” Wholeness can be defined as not broken or impaired and being intact and sound. This wholeness, which is in the Light that comes from Source, is inside each and every one of us. Underlying the healing and recognizing the wholeness is the unconditional love that is an intrinsic part of the Light. Indeed, I do not think they can be separated. Being present, listening and responding to the words and energy of others with unconditional love, seeing them as the perfect beings they are honors their wholeness and reminds them of it. I’d like to offer a quote from Ira Progoff from “The Symbolic and the Real”:

"But this is one of the things that love is called upon to do: To affirm and sustain the seed in a fellow human being even though no tangible evidence has been given of the nature and quality of the seed that is growing there.

Love depends upon the capacity to reach beneath the surface of persons, to feel and touch the seed of life that is hidden there.  And love becomes a power when it is capable of evoking that seed and drawing it forth from its hiding place.”

Let us remember the intrinsic part unconditional love plays in healing others and looking past perceived imperfections to embrace the wholeness, the Light and Love residing within. That is true healing.  Also, please remember that we are all healers with opportunities every day to practice being nurturers of each others’ seeds.

A final quote from Jack Schwartz:
“The common denominator of all healing methods is unconditional love – a love that respects the uniqueness of each individual and empowers each person to take responsibility for his or her own well-being.”

Affirmations: “I AM”  “I AM LOVE”  “I AM LOVED”  “I AM WHOLE”

   With Much Love and Light,
   Linda Irvine



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