Healing Ministry Update - Sept - Oct

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:22pm -- Toni

“Healing with Meditation and Ritual”

Regular meditation is known to bring centering, clarity and peace to your life which can contribute to an overall healthier state of being. That’s why it is incorporated into the Healing Circle every first Wednesday of the month. Of course there are meditation groups and services available in Frederick, including Unity.

You can also create your own meditation practice if you have not already done so. Just a few minutes of sitting quietly, eyes closed, and paying attention to your slow deep breaths can bring helpful changes to your life. For some, treating
meditation as a ritual with a little more structure is useful.  Think of this ritual as an opportunity for re-setting your compass and putting more meaning into your life. You are in charge of how you want to structure it. Keeping it simple is good. The main components are: intention, sequence, sacred designated space, items to use, and personal meaning.

With World Day of Prayer coming September 10th, I would like to offer a simple meditative ritual for World Peace by focusing on a single candle. .

Set your intention for creating and spreading love and peace. Plan the sequence.  Decide what is needed and where to set up. Gather items and set up space. Light candle.  Acknowledge the Presence of God. Sit quietly. Focusing on the candle, feel the love and peace in the deepest parts of your heart. See the peace and love expand from your heart to your entire being and then spread out to all the world and every inhabitant.  See the whole world absorbing all the love and peace and begin to shine brightly. Bask in that light and feel the connection. Take a deep breath. Give gratitude to God, Spirit, Source. Extinguish candle. Take the Love and Peace with you wherever you go.  Blessed Be.

Please remember the healing opportunities we have here at Unity, including the Healing Circle on the first Wednesdays at 6:30pm and the Healing Service on the third Sundays at 6:45pm.

We are looking for greeters to help at the Healing Circle. They will also have opportunities to receive a healing session while there. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Irvine at lindacirvine@gmail.com.

With Much Love in the Light,
Linda Irvine

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