Healing Ministry Update - November-December 2013

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 2:13pm -- Toni

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Healing Gifts of the Season and Everyday

Here are the dates for November and December Healing Ministry events:
November: Healing Circle on the 6th and Healing Service on the 20th
December: Healing Circle on the 4th and the Healing Service on the 18th

Please consider the opportunity to be a greeter for either or both of these events. Aside from greeting folks as they come in you also have the opportunity to receive healing! It would be nice to have enough greeters to be able to easily cover two months at a time! That could translate into helping every other month. Please contact Linda Irvine for the details: 240-687-3359, lindacirvine@gmail.com, or at Unity!

A big thank you and much gratitude for those who have given their gifts to this ministry for the past two+ years! Folks have stepped up to do all that goes into producing these events as healers, setting up helpers, greeters, advertising through media or word of mouth, and coming! Many have also helped at Frederick’s “In the Street” and “SpiritFest” expanding our presence in the community. This harvest season brings us the opportunity to be extra grateful for the gifts from the earth and those who till the soil for our sustenance. Following that is the focus on the many gifts of Christmas – Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Wonder, and Hope. These gifts are always available to us for our continuing journey here. In addition, we all have healing “gifts” to offer ourselves and others on this journey with us. We are all healers through how we live our lives in every season, everyday, everywhere, and for everyone we meet. Offering the gift of gratitude throughout the day heightens our awareness of the many blessings and opportunities we have, including the people around us. Forgiveness of others and ourselves is a conscious practice that greatly enhances our own peace and that of others. Don’t give up on this practice and developing the ensuing “gifts”. Not judging requires diligence and awareness to break the habit and to open the gifts of respect, acceptance, compassion and understanding. Our ability to love unconditionally from the heart, from the Christ Light within us, will open and flourish! Supporting and encouraging each other with gentle compassion one person at a time and through shared activities is a fundamental key to our growth and in building community. It starts person-to-person and spreads through our various communities (home and family, neighborhood, church, work, play, etc.) to increase joy and hope, love and light, connection and peace. We are all connected. We are all one. Using our gifts regularly strengthens all of us as it allows our lights to shine brighter and brighter.

Thank you for being the Love, Light and Gifts that you are!

Affirmation: “I AM. I AM a gift from God. I AM a gift for the world.”

Namaste’ With Much Love and Light,

Linda Irvine

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