Healing Ministry Update - March/April 2014

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 7:16pm -- Toni

Do you remember what you liked to do as a child? What opportunities were presented to you? What positive reflections from others reinforced your interests and talents? Maybe you were athletic or a writer or musical or a visual artist or a gardener or a lover of nature. The list could go on. Are you still doing at least one of those things? If you are not, what happened to cause them to disappear? Sometimes it is changing interests or situations. Sometimes healing is needed to reawaken your passions, talents, creativity. Healing that will remove blocks and renew the joy of your own bliss so you can express yourself freely again. Come to the Healing Circle and Healing Service to let us be a part of your healing.
The story that follows could have a different ending. It still might as the boy grows up. The thing is, nobody can go back to make a new beginning and everyone can start now to make a new ending by making new beginnings now!

“The Little Boy” This story is about a little boy who went to school, a big school. He loved to make things. One morning his teacher said “Today we are going to make a picture.” He started drawing animals but his teacher said they were going to make flowers. The little boy drew beautiful ones. His teacher said, “Wait! And I will show you how.” She drew a red flower with a green stem. The little boy liked his better and without saying anything, turned his paper over and drew a red flower with a green stem. Soon he learned to not start until the teacher had shown them how to do their art. He always liked his versions better but made things according to the teacher.
One day the little boy moved to another school. It was bigger and had a long hallway to go down. The very first day he was there, his teacher said “today we are going to make a picture.” “Good!” he thought. He waited but the teacher said nothing until she got to the little boys desk. She asked, “What are you going to make?” The boy asked, “What are we going to make?” She answered, “I don’t know until you make it.” “How shall I make it?” he asked. “Why, any way you like,” she replied. “And any color?” he asked. “Any color,” said the teacher. “If everyone made the same picture, and used the same colors, how would I know who made what and which was which?” “I don’t know,” said the little boy. And he began to make a red flower with a green stem.
(shortened from a poem by Helen E. Buckley)

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Find ways to allow your talents and passions to blossom! Happy Vernal Equinox. Join us for the Healing Circle and Healing Service.
Please consider the opportunity to be a greeter at the Circle or Service. Aside from greeting folks as they come in and making them feel
welcome, you also have the opportunity to receive healing and bask in that loving energy! It would be nice to have at least four greeters to rotate turns. That could translate into helping every other month and you could still come more often.
Please contact Linda Irvine for the details: 240-687-3359, lindacirvine@gmail.com, or at Unity! I will be watching for you!

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