Healing Ministry Update July 2013 - Other Ways of Healing

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Practicing Gratitude and Self-Blessing at Home
One of the Five Reiki Ideals is “Just for today, be grateful.” Consciously giving thanks each day, living in your grateful heart, your own Light continues to expand. As more of us do this, we become a powerful collective consciousness for Light. Gratitude is a vibration of Divine Light. Bring that to your daily routines and rituals whether it is the first cup of morning brew, looking out the window, sweeping your doorstep, meditation and prayers, mealtimes, time with friends, family, and pets, bedtime. Other opportunities may arise during the day for which you are also grateful. Be aware of those as well and give thanks. Things as simple as a beautiful sky, a flower blooming, someone smiling, seeing someone doing something nice for someone else can bring such joy. Treasure those moments in your day. Let them be the Light that lifts you on today’s journey.
Also be grateful for YOURSELF! The simple self-blessing below can be done monthly or more often.
Self-Blessing: Gather together a white candle, a small bowl or cup of water and a stick of incense. Pick a quiet time and space. Light the candle and incense and sit quietly, letting all tension slip away and all worried thought leave your body/mind.
Dip you fingers in the water and touch your eyes saying, “Bless my eyes that I may have clarity of vision.”
Dip your fingers in the water and touch your mouth saying, “Bless my mouth that I may speak the truth.”
ip your fingers in the water and touch your ears saying, “Bless my ears that I may hear all that is spoken to me.”
Dip your fingers in the water and touch your heart saying, “Bless my heart that I may be filled with love.”
Dip your fingers in the water and touch your abdomen saying, “Bless my abdomen that I may be in touch with my creative energies and the creative energy of the Universe.”
Dip your fingers in the water and touch your feet saying, “Bless my feet that I may find and walk on my own true path.”
Quietly reflect on the words you have spoken and feel yourself filled with a peaceful, loving energy.
When you feel complete, put out the candle. Empty the bowl/cup and wash it carefully.
Self-Blessing from: “MotherWit” by Diane Mariechild
Affirmation: “I take delight in all the possibilities around me. I enjoy life fully and with gratitude.”
With Much Love and Light,
Linda Irvine

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