Healing Ministry Reflections - September/October 2014

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:56pm -- Toni

“Change and Healing – Moving to Wholeness, to Oneness”

CHANGE! How do you react to the word “change”? There seems to be a continuum of reactions depending on the type of change. Even small changes can trigger many different emotions and move you closer to realize your wholeness, the Oneness. What changes are you experiencing?

The process of change gives you opportunities to learn more about yourself, deal with issues, and grow. It could be one seemingly simple change in your daily routine such as one thing in your diet to add or delete, adding 10 minutes of walking or dancing, reading more, or building in time for yourself and friends. Bigger changes like a new job or moving can be exciting and more unsettling. I experienced readiness and excitement for moving and annoyance and being overwhelmed by all the “stuff” when I moved in August. The “stuff” was reduced. Priorities became clearer. AND I realized I did not have to do this alone.   And, oh yeah, I have God in my corner and lots of wonderful friends! Some trepidation about sharing a house again was felt awhile before returning to readiness and excitement. I knew all was well.

It has been well over a year since I decided that I wanted to move. Looking back, I seem to have followed the four steps to Living the Oneness Toni talked about this past July. After the recognition that I wanted to move, I  realized there was still much to be healed, dealt with, and changed to see my wholeness in the Oneness and to live it. Obviously there was work to be done before I would move. I began making a more concerted effort to live the Unity principles, connect more with friends, and deal with the “stuff,” both physical and internal. I began to sense more of the integration.  I began indeed feeling so much closer to being “every whit whole” as Myrtle would say. And with that, I am increasingly in the present with the Oneness. I have a greater sense of calmness, awareness, and compassion…and my thoughts and actions. There is so much to be grateful for. Thank you to Unity for the teachings. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful new friends here in Frederick. I am grateful for my amazing family.  And thank you, Universal Source of All Be-ing, everyday, all day

Lots of healing in the changes!  I was ready for my August move and I rejoice in the process knowing there is so much more to come.  

With Much Love in the Light,
Linda Irvine

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