Healing Ministry Reflections

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 5:23pm -- Toni

New Energy Rising!

The energy is shifting higher and higher! On Sunday, September 21st, the Healing Service followed the newly revived 6pm Meditation. The Healing Service began at 6:45pm with three Unity healers and eight recipients with much gratitude.  That is a good start in the new time and a heads up that we could use more Unity healers there!

On Wednesday October 1st, when the Healing Circle shifted to the new earlier time of 6:30-8:30pm, thirty folks came to receive healing from eight Unity and community healers. We are anticipating more guests and healers in November and throughout the year. The earlier time seems to suit everyone.

The passion for service through healing is getting even stronger.  Come be a part of it through the Healing Ministry as a healer, a helper, and/or a guest. Healers from Unity participate in the Healing Service and/or the Healing Circle. Healers from the larger community participate in the Healing Circle with some of our Unity healers.  Do you have healer friends who would like to be part of this? More helpers for greeting, setting up and putting away for the Healing events would be wonderful! Please talk to me (Linda) or those who are part of the Healing Ministry of Unity, or others who could point you in our direction . 

All of you are encouraged to nurture yourselves by receiving the healing energy that is offered. At the time of these events, the energy is so powerful that you can bask in it and receive it just being in the room. Perhaps you will feel more clearly the new energy rising within yourself! Honor it! Meanwhile, here is a short prayer for integrating these new positive energies from Source:

“I ask that these new positive energies easily, effortlessly, enjoyably, efficiently and effectively integrate with my current energy system. And so it is!”

With Much Love in the Light,
Linda Irvine

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to be part of the Unity Healing Ministry (lindacirvine@gmail.com).


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