Healing Ministry May 2013 Update

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 3:15pm -- Terri

Two years ago, in the spring of 2011, the Healing Ministry was being birthed. By that fall, the Healing Service made its debut for the Frederick Community. In January 2012, the Healing Circle, which had moved to a different space, returned to Unity in Frederick. These two monthly community offerings help define the Healing Ministry. We have also been present at Frederick’s “In The Street” the last two falls.
Upon hearing about the Healing Ministry, people asked me various questions. “Do you gather to pray for the healing of the world?” “Do you go the hospitals?” “Do you go the people’s homes?” “Are people truly healed?” That last question required much more than a simple yes or no response. So…… Let’s take a look at how “ministry “ and “healing” may be defined at Unity.
Ministry is generally understood by most as service to others in need. To minister, according to Webster, is to give service, care or aid. Ministry is an act or instance of ministering or something that serves as an agency, instrument or means. As the Healing Ministry, we see ourselves as an instrument to provide service to others in the form of healing. Serving Unity and the greater community in that capacity gives us great joy.
Healing, according to Webster, is “to make healthy, whole or sound; to restore to original purity or integrity; to repair or reconcile; to cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.” The first thing that comes to mind for many people is physical healing. Following closely is mental/emotional health. Many also understand the spiritual basis of healing. To quote Charles Fillmore’s Revealing Word, “The first step in all spiritual healing is to believe, and the next step is openness and receptivity to the stream of healing life. Through the exercise of faith and our words, our spiritual quality is fused into unity with the power of Christ and the work is marvelously accomplished. All healing is based on mental cleansing. “ And from Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, “In Spirit and Truth we are now and always every whit whole. By getting false thought out of the way, and keeping the image and likeness of wholeness ever before our mind’s eye, and trying to feel we are healed, health becomes irresistible and it is bound to manifest.” Myrtle also stresses “thinking God only” and giving thanks.
I believe we are all born healers waiting to unfold in various ways. Simply being kind, loving and compassionate to others on a daily basis is healing, sometimes far more than we will ever know… sort of like dropping a pebble in the still water and not always being able to discern the ensuing ever-widening circles. Our role as healers is to help others heal themselves by opening to and connecting with the I AM God-Presence as Source of healing which is in each and every one of us. Be aware of and give thanks for every healing opportunity. In that way, we can spread the Light and Love right where we are everyday.
Please come and experience both of our monthly healing opportunities which have different formats with similar healing results. The Healing Circle is held on the first Wednesday each month from 7:30-9:30pm, with healers from Unity in Frederick and the greater community. The Healing Service is held the third Wednesday of the month from 7:30-8:30pm with healers from Unity in Frederick. Looking forward to seeing you!
Please contact me if you have any questions.
With Much Love and Light,
Linda Irvine

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