Youth Education Teacher: Uni-Teens (10-13)

Primary Responsibility: 

To teach Unity Truths to the Uni-teens in a positive environment as they grow in their understanding of themselves and their relationship with God.

Can you: 
  1. Prepare lessons from curriculum in advance of your scheduled Sunday?
  2. Arrive at 10:00 am to prepare for the beginning of class?
  3. Teach prepared lesson on your scheduled Sunday?
  4. Bring the Uni-teens to the sanctuary for the Peace Song?
  5. Develop teaching skills in storytelling, material development, spiritual literature and supporting the Heart Talk?

If so, you can be a Uni-teen Educator!


No specific training is needed. A knowledge and practice of Unity Principle, the desire to educate and nurture youth incorporating Unity Principles, leading by example by walking in Principle in daily life would be skills of the optimal volunteer. Ability to work from a curriculum, to plan and organize schedules, to maintain an orderly educational environment and to manage the youth during classes will also be tools that would be beneficial. Volunteers Youth Ed teachers may find it useful to grow with the children in the Unity Youth Program. A background screening is required for all programs involving youth at Unity in Frederick.

Why volunteer to be on this team?: 

As you instruct the children, you grow in knowledge of Unity principles too. You will reap the satisfaction in knowing that you have helped the children become more aware of the importance of spiritual life. And you gain the ability to work in community with other adults of like mind and with children who have open and curious minds.

Why is this team important to our church?: 
You provide guidance in the nurturing of our young people as they grow in their awareness of their Christ potential and express this potential in their lives. You help build a future and foundation for Unity in Frederick.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704