Tool Belt Team

Primary Responsibility: 

To maintain the mechanical and structural details of the facility in good repair.

Can you: 
  1. Conduct regular inspections of the building conditions?
  2. Carry out written requests from the Minister/Board for repair or improvement work on the building?
  3. Coordinate additional volunteer assistance if unable to complete request alone?
  4. If necessary, make recommendation to the Board for an outside vendor to complete the work?
  5. Provide recommendations to Board for preventative maintenance contracts?

All you need is the good ability in use of mechanical and carpentry tools and general knowledge of the “how-to” of construction.

Why volunteer to be on this team?: 

The Tool Belt Team provides an avenue to give of one’s talents and skills and reward the volunteer by seeing a well-maintained and beautiful facility.

Why is this team important to our church?: 
Providing a facility that is kept in great shape and provides an inviting and beautiful place for worship and service.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704