Music Team

Primary Responsibility: 

To schedule and coordinate various music programs and have the ability to communicate and work with people.

Can you: 

As the Leader:

  1. Coordinate with Minister to plan music that relates to the weekly lesson?
  2. Coordinate music and musicians with the master calendar?
  3. Develop goals and objectives for the music program and an action plan to achieve the goals.?
  4. Serve as the link between all music providers and specific volunteer services for worship services, youth education, and special services?

As a member:

  1. The desire to add to the music enjoyment of our congregation?
  2. Attend practices for performances/events?


If so, then you can be part of the Music Team!

Workshop on Worship provided by Music Director as needed.

Why volunteer to be on this team?: 

Provides an opportunity to share gifts and talents of music to the community.

Why is this team important to our church?: 
Music provides an atmosphere of joy and reverence that enhances the Unity in Frederick services and gatherings.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704