Celebration Team: Reader

Primary Responsibility: 

To read the weekly Reading that accompanies the lesson during the Sunday service.

Can you: 
  1. Review the Reading (emailed in advance) prior to Sunday?
  2. Join the team meditation on Sunday morning at 10:30 am?
  3. Read the text and verse at the appropriate time in the Sunday service?
  4. Lead the congregation in repeating the affirmation?

If so, you can be a Reader!


Training will be provided during a short workshop on the Celebration Service given by the Love in Action Coordinator.

Why volunteer to be on this team?: 

Develop poise and self-confidence with public speaking. Enjoy the satisfaction of participating in the Celebration and adding to the enjoyment of the service for the congregation.

Why is this team important to our church?: 
The reading by a member of the congregation enhances the community spirit within the congregation and makes the service more personal. It encourages connection of Unity in Frederick to the participant.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704