Celebration Team: Audio/Visual

Primary Responsibility: 

To run the sound booth, projector and record the lesson during services and upon request.

Can you: 
  1. Arrive by 10:15 am on scheduled Sunday.?
  2. Power up equipment and make sure that all microphones are working?
  3. Coordinate timing of service recording with other pre-service music?
  4. Play the music as required during the service (as needed)?
  5. Record the lesson as required?
  6. Provide a list of supply needs and equipment maintenance needs/problems?
  7. Keep the sound booth looking neat, clean,  and organized?

Training for/with the equipment is provided on an 'as needed' basis. Shadowing an experienced A/V team member for a few weeks would offer an excellent training.

Why volunteer to be on this team?: 

Working the A/V booth provides an opportunity to observe a service from a different prospective! Awareness of musicians, minister and congregation are essential to assisting with the follow of the service and the A/V needs to the congregation. Proper recordings are shared on the website making the lessons available to anyone wishing to hear the Unity in Frederick lesson for the week!

Why is this team important to our church?: 
Our use of technology has become an important part of establishing the worship environment during services. The music provided enriches our experience prior to and during the service. The recording of services allows those who were unable to be in service to share the experience.

Contact Information

Unity in Frederick 
5112 Pegasus Court  Suite E
Frederick, MD 21704