Words from the Board - November-December 2013 by Kandi Austin

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 2:16pm -- Toni

Hello everyone…I do love the term Unitics…so I lovingly call you such. I am a new board member. There are seven of us, and we take turns writing a few lines for the newsletter. I wondered, last year when the board went on retreat…I’m thinking why go on retreat when you’ve only just elected a new member(s). I no longer wonder, this is not a reward for being a board member, as “retreat” might imply. This was a working weekend, hands down, no fuss, work us til we drop weekend! We learned what it is to put our best thoughts forward for the growth and health of Unity, of each of us. In the capacity that is ours, we are committed to each of you.  I am so excited to be a part of the growth of Unity of Frederick. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, to keep everything going, and growing. So many people work to achieve a beautiful service for all, and it’s not just about the service...Unity is a daily event. This is OUR, yours, mine, ours…spiritual community. We want our Celebration services to provide spiritual experiences to promote personal growth and transformation…we want to remember to think outside of the BOX…opening to experiences that then opens us. Still savoring tradition…but always moving…growing…glowing…. It’s our light that will allow others to shine. We are open and inclusive, as always…that brought ME here…that makes Unity my spiritual hub…so many wonderful people! 

Kandi Austin
Board of Trustees

2013-14 Board of Trustees
Betsy Van Ness, President
Pauline Cilladi-Rehrer, Vice President
Debbie Scott, Secretary
Carolyn Rocha, Treasurer
Kandi Austin, Member at Large
Debra Spotts, Member at Large

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