Tithing Corner: November-December 2015

Wed, 11/18/2015 - 12:14pm -- Toni

Georgiana Tree West, the founder of Unity Center of Practical Christianity in New York City, wrote the book, Prosperity’s Ten Commandments, that has been used by many a Unity minister over the years to help folks understand our way of seeing and living prosperity principles.  I would like to share a paragraph from her discussion of the 4th Prosperity Commandment --Thou shalt let go and let God do it.  (I have taken the liberty of updating some of the language.  My words are in italics.)

“The feeling of partnership with Source is essential in all successful living.  First we need to feel that Source is ever present to guide our thoughts and words of actions; then we must realize that the same power that inspires us to do the right thing is the power that provides us with the necessary strength and ability to follow through.  And the partnership does not end here.  After we have done everything we know how to do, we can safely rest from our labors, knowing that Source continues and that when there is more work for us to do it will be revealed to us.  It has been said that Source works in mysterious ways….When through our own gallant effort we have rid our mind of doubts and fears and are truly trusting in that Process, we find that a seemingly chance word or contact is the next step in the demonstration of the good we desire.  These things amaze us until we remember that while we have been resting, the Process has continued working through the immutable laws of mind, and as a result has drawn into our life whatever we need as surely as a magnet draws iron filings.”

We are co-creators with Source.   Let’s remember that we have a partner – a co-creator with us - and trust in that Process – that Co-Creator!

Unity in Frederick tithes 10% of its unrestricted income every month as a way of expressing our belief in, and understanding of, the law of giving. This past quarter, we gave to the following groups or organizations in recognition of their service and their ability to spiritually feed our community:

Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity in Hagerstown
Eastern Region – Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity of Rehoboth Beach
Religious Coalition

If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev. Toni or a member of the Board.



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