A Meditation and Blessing for Beltaine

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 1:18pm -- Toni

This short meditation and blessing for May 1st - Beltaine in the Celtic tradition - comes from Essene Book of Meditation and Blessings by Danaan Parry.  May your day be one of joy and good things!


What is the source
From whence gushes the frenzied growth
All about me?
What overlighting presence
Guides the living things of earth
Toward the zenith of their life?
I, as one of these living things,
Marvel at the perfection
Of our unfolding.
Blessed am I
To be part of the Plan.


My heart tells me
That the time of compromise
Has passed.
Now, the work I do
Must nourish me
And heal the earth
And free our common spirit.

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